Geelong Powerhouse

'Broken Window Theory' Geelong, 2014 A unique opportunity presented itself in Geelong the city I g

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RONE Interview

RONE from Robot Army on Vimeo.

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80 Collins St Melbourne

This is has been said to be the largest mural by one person in Australia. I can't confirm this but w

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Analogue/Digital - Brisbane 2013

Last week I was up in Brisbane to speak at Analogue/Digital While I was there I painted this wall w

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VNA Issue 21

I'm very happy to share that the New VNA mag is out and I have a feature. All the info below:

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Port Vila, Vanuatu - 2013

A wall I painted with some local kids in Vanuatu. There was no real plan to this I just asked if I c

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Pow Wow Press

Thanks to Anthony from Fatlaces for his amazing pics that just got published in Honolulu mag Can't

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Page 3 - The Age

OK i'm a bit late in posting this but I'm guessing plenty of you have seen it. On June 30, I was Luc

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