80 Collins St Melbourne

Jan 01,1970

This is has been said to be the largest mural by one person in Australia. I can't confirm this but would be great to hear if anyone knows any different? This is one of those walls you dream of. When it was offered I took it with a grain of salt as not to get my hopes up as there has been a few things like this talked about in the past that just never happened. It was almost to my surprise on the first day and I was standing there with everything ready to go. All I had to now was paint it... It took a lot longer than expected and was no doubt the most challaging project I had ever taken on. After 7 days for 10 hours a day, the 9 storey wall was complete. Here is a bit of a news clip from Channel 7:   photo Pic by Tony Owczarek   s2048c-20140328-_SAM7228-post s4096c-20140327-_SAM6567-post s4096c-RoneSatEvening-20140329-_SAM0452-Post   Pics by Ben Wesley.  more of his pics here

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