Am I ever gonna see your face again

Jan 01,1970

So I've been posting some process shots of this as iv'e been painting it. I glad to say it is finally finished.

It is off to a private collection where I have no doubt it will be looked after.

Painted over 5 canvasses they will hang together on one wall.

It gave me a opportunity to push my work on a much bigger scale than I had really considered possible. I think in future i'll be making much bigger works, maybe not this big, but this scale allows me to put so much more texture into the work without losing the rendering.

(Click image for large size image)


Rone 2011

'Am I ever gonna see your face again'

12m X 2.3m (pentaptych)

Mixed media on canvass


2_Rone.jpg 3_Rone.jpg 4_Rone.jpg 5_Rone.jpg 6_Rone.jpg

Also Wonderlust produced this canvass to go with the collection:


Wonderlust 2011

'Don't Stop'

3m X 2.3m

Mixed media on canvass

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