Miami Marine Staduim

Jan 01,1970

In an effort to help raise funds and awareness of the rebuild of the Miami Marine Staduim I was ask to paint a wall at the historic site. It was a n honour to paint alongside Logan Hicks who was curator of the Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project, along with Doze Green, Risk, Elbow Toe, Joe Iurato, Evoca1, Ian Kuali'i, Stinkfish, Axel Void, Tatiana Suarez, Abstrk, Pixel Pancho & HoxxoH A huge thanks to Craig of ArtHistory for putting it all together Prints and other artworks will be released later this year at art Basel. You can follow the progress on instagram here MarineRone_Panorama1 MarineRone_Panorama2 Rone_MiamiMarineStadium-6303718

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