Mural Festival - Montreal, Canada

Jan 01,1970

Two days after getting home from PowWow Taiwan I went to Montreal for the Mural Festival. I only had 4 days due to my poor scheduling to be in & out. So I started the day I git there and was painting up to the day I left. Unfortunately it rained for most of the time I was there so a yellow poncho became my new signature look. By Co-incidence Celestine, ed who I photographed 2 years ago was from here and happened to be in town. She was my unofficial tour guide to the city. It was an honour to paint her in her own town. 2014-06-12 17.43.10P6153614 P6153625 P6153626-2 P6153640 2014-06-13 15.22.21 HDR 2014-06-13 15.23.12 HDR

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