Penang, Urban Xchange: Crossing over

Jan 01,1970

Thanks to Hin Bus Depot & Urban Nation I was invited to paint a few walls in Penang, cialis Malaysia.  

Never a dull moment at Urban Nation’s exchange program. After a year in the planning we are excited to finally make the journey and extend our educational and exchange program to Malasyia. This time we will work together in support of the Penang based Hin Bus Art Center which was brought to life by Project M/3 artist Ernest Zacharevic and friends. This UX urban exchange program is focusing on education about street art and urban art to city officials and art schools. Goal is to learn from and work with one another on acceptance and support for urban contemporary art worldwide. As always we are connecting artists from all over the world with artists in Malaysia encouraging collaboration and discussion. Art knows no boundaries and is a universal language. As always we are grateful to be supported by a wonderful group of artists from the US, try EU and Lithuania and we can’t wait to meet the local crews and artists that will join us in Penang. We will hold workshops and pannels as well as review sessions and children’s classes in sculpting, painting, stencils and drawing. Thank you to Gabija Grusaite and Team HIN BUS ART Center for co-producing this first time ever  
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