Geelong Powerhouse

Geelong Powerhouse

‘Broken Window Theory’ Geelong, 2014 A unique opportunity presented itself in Geelong the city I grew up in.  I could paint any blank wall but asked for the glass. No one including myself knew if it would even work.  Geelong is an industry city that has had its 2 largest employers slowly close down. The city(…)

RONE Interview

RONE Interview

RONE from Robot Army on Vimeo.

80 Collins St Melbourne

80 Collins St Melbourne

This is has been said to be the largest mural by one person in Australia. I can’t confirm this but would be great to hear if anyone knows any different? This is one of those walls you dream of. When it was offered I took it with a grain of salt as not to get(…)

Analogue/Digital  – Brisbane 2013

Analogue/Digital – Brisbane 2013

Last week I was up in Brisbane to speak at Analogue/Digital While I was there I painted this wall with Beastman & Numskull

VNA Issue 21

VNA Issue 21

I’m very happy to share that the New VNA mag is out and I have a feature. All the info below: Very Nearly Almost is proud to release its twenty-first issue. And it’s pretty special being the first to have a female as a cover artist; and who better to take this highly coveted position(…)

Port Vila, Vanuatu – 2013

A wall I painted with some local kids in Vanuatu. There was no real plan to this I just asked if I could paint this wall and I thought it would be great to get the kids to help. I marked up the outlines and was surrounded by the local kids so I gave them(…)

Pow Wow Press

Thanks to Anthony from Fatlaces for his amazing pics that just got published in Honolulu mag Can’t wait for next year!

Page 3 – The Age

OK i’m a bit late in posting this but I’m guessing plenty of you have seen it. On June 30, I was Lucky enough to get a mention on page 3 of The Age. You can see the full article here

Big News

I somehow got a nice mention in the Sunday age Pic stolen from Kompond

Big In Japan

Thanks to Twoone for spotting some of my work done In Asakusa in the background of this clip: Skip to 2:10

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